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How To Improve Your Golf Score 
Without Practicing Your Swing!

 The Proven Method for Better Golf In Just 21 Days 
(simply by correcting your posture)… Guaranteed!

YES, this is the SAME program I used to drop shots from my game!

From Patrick Brown
Vail, Colorado

Hi golfing friend,

My name is Patrick Brown and I want to introduce you to the GOLF6 Protocol.  

For background, I am an ISSA Elite Certified Personal Trainer and 4-time IRONMAN, so I see my golf game like all other physical activity -- always looking to maximize physical performance.

I discovered the Protocol by accident while constructing a new workout series for a book that focuses on posture.

As a lifelong golfer, I was shocked by my game improvement simply as a result of testing the new workout. I reduced my average score by 10 strokes without any swing practice. The only thing that changed was my posture.  

"The truth is that poor posture by itself causes swing inconsistency - but you CAN fix it!"
Here's the connection between posture and golf...
  • ​SITTING causes the front of your hips to shorten and the back of your hips to lengthen, pulling your pelvis into an unnatural position
  • ​LOOKING DOWN at cell phones causes your chest to shorten and the back of your shoulders to lengthen 
  • ​OVER TIME YOUR "STATIC STATE" POSTURE adapts so that this new and incorrect posture feels correct
  • ​YOUR GOLF STANCE "attempts" to temporarily put you into a truly correct posture
  • EVENTUALLY your new static state posture returns mid-swing, just like the tree branch in the video, causing inconsistency and inaccuracy

The GOLF6 Protocol

returns your posture to its proper static state

Here's how it works:
  • PERFORM THE SIMPLE STRETCHES AND EXERCISES of the Protocol and you will improve your posture 
  • ​​TAKE YOUR IMPROVED POSTURE to the golf course with your unchanged swing
  • ​YOUR NEW (CORRECTED) POSTURE is no longer pulling you out of your stance mid-swing
  • YOUR SWING will be more consistent and accurate as a result

Not only will your golf game improve, but your corrected posture might even eliminate back, shoulder and neck pain.

Imagine improving your game without investing time or money in new lessons, new clubs or practice sessions. 

"Improve your posture and improve your golf -- it's that simple.  I'm so sure you'll see results that I GUARANTEE it will work!"
Here's one of many studies that show improved golf performance through stretching, the cornerstone of the GOLF6 Protocol
International Journal of Sports Medicine, Feb 2009
Authors: K A Moran, T McGrath, B M Marshall, E S Wallace
"You'll be the smartest guy in the clubhouse by improving your game without investing money in equipment or time on the driving range!"
For Only $159.00
Yes... for less than the price of a round of golf or two, you can get access to a framework that took me over a year to research and create.

The GOLF6 Protocol
Total Value: $999
  • The core framework to improve the accuracy and consistency of your golf game just by improving your posture
  • ​Daily videos to demonstrate exactly what to do
  • ​It's quick -- less than 10 minutes per day
When You Get  the GOLF6 Protocol 
(For Just $159.00)
You'll Get All Of The Following Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - Lifetime Access to the 
GOLF6 Protocol
Total Value: $297
  • Lifetime Access bonus 
  • Complete the Protocol any time in the future
  • Maintain your gains or start over if you choose​
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Bonus #2 - Game Day Boost
Warm-Up Strategy
Total Value: $49
  • Game Day Boost Warm-Up Strategy electronic version 
  • Learn how to warm-up properly prior to a game of golf 
  • ​Learn how to STAY warm throughout your game
  • ​Learn stretches NOT to do 
  • ​Learn how each will positively or negatively impact your performance
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Bonus #3 - Game Day Boost
Nutrition Essentials
Total Value: $49
  • Game Day Boost Nutrition Essentials electronic version 
  • Learn what to eat and drink 
  • ​Learn what NOT to eat and drink 
  • ​Learn how diet impacts performance during a golf game
  • A golf game is 4-5 hours long and taxes all of your nutrition-dependent body systems
  • ​Small changes to what you eat and drink can improve your performance and lower your score
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Bonus #4 - Full Access To Ask Patrick Questions
Total Value: $ Expensive
  • You are not alone with GOLF6!
  • Many workout providers sell access then leave you on your own
  • ​My goal is for you to maximize your success
  • ​I look forward to helping you in any way I can as you complete the Protocol
  • And I look forward to you and the rest of TEAM GOLF6  achieving our goal of dropping 1 million shots from our scorecards!
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Bonus #5 - Savings From Eliminating Lessons, Equipment, Time and Money
Total Value: $ Unlimited
  • Frustrating Lessons
  • ​Expensive Equipment
  • Priceless Time
  • And so much $$$
  • ​How much would you be willing to pay to lower your score in every round you play in the future? 
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Bonus #6 - Relief From Back, Shoulder, Hip and Neck Pain Relief
Total Value: $ Truly Priceless
  • Relief from back pain
  • ​Return of mobility
  • ​Savings from Doctor, Chiropractor, Massage, and Other attempts to relieve your pain
  • Better rest, recovery, and sleep
  • ​No Workout can GUARANTEE complete elimination of back pain but poor posture is a known contributor 
  • My Hope is that you will eliminate your back pain just like I DID 
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There Is NO CATCH!
The GOLF6 "No Questions Asked" Guarantee
  • Our guarantee is simple
  • ​If you aren't satisfied with your results for any reason in the first 30 days, we will refund your money in full
  • ​It's "No Questions Asked" because you don't need provide a reason or even talk to anyone -- just send us an email requesting a refund and you'll get it
"The truth is that PART of the accuracy and consistency of your swing has nothing to do with your grip, arm position, takeaway, tempo or other usual suspects -- you CAN easily fix that part!"
YES! Give Me Access To The GOLF6 Protocol 
RIGHT NOW For Just $159.00 !
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Everything Your Going To Get
  • Instant Access to the GOLF6 Posture Protocol         (Value $999)
  • Lifetime Access To the GOLF6 Posture Protocol (Value $297)
  • ​Access to the Game Day Boost Warm-Up Strategy (Value $49)
  • Access to the Game Day Boost Nutrition Essentials (Value $49)
  • ​Access to Ask Patrick Questions                                  (Value $ Expensive)
  • ​Savings From Lessons, Equipment, Time & Money (Value $ Unlimited)
  • Possible Savings From Back, Shoulder & Neck Pain (Value $ Truly Priceless)
Today Just $159

ONE TIME OFFER - Only $29.00: You can use a towel to perform the GOLF6 Protocol, but we recommend Workout Resistance Bands as valuable tools to increase the speed of your gains. They are also great for any workout at home or while traveling.

Alternately, you can order your own set directly. Here is a link to the set we recommend on Amazon.
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